By the Riverbank
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By the Riverbank

Product Code: 3120163

By the Riverbank depicts a serene and peaceful scene of a mother bear and her cub lounging on the riverbank. The mama bear sits tall and proud facing the river and the mountains in the distance, while her cub, small and playful lays on his belly. The overall mood of this glass art piece is one of tranquility and safety, with the mother bear providing protection and comfort to her young cub. The attention to detail in the texture and shading of the bears' fur adds depth and realism to the piece, making it feel as though the viewer is witnessing the scene firsthand. Capture the natural beauty and peacefulness of the wilderness, and the strong bonds between mother and child in the animal kingdom. The mounting brackets make this piece ready to hang in any home or office. PLEASE BE ADVISED. GLASS ARTWORK SHOULD BE HUNG USING THE HARDWARE AND/OR INSTRUCTIONS PROVIDED. DO NOT HANG USING WIRE AS IT WILL COMPROMISE THE STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY OF THE PIECE.


17.60 lbs